Sunday, April 24, 2005

American Marketing Insurance Leads---Better Read This First

Agents and consumers beware. American Marketing Insurance Leads may not be what they are cracked up to be. Let me share a story with you without getting into too much detail.

The hardest part of being in the insurance or annuity business is finding qualified prospects. Yes to all of you consumers out there, you are actually a commodity to the industry and being able to find you is a valuable game. Companies charge $20-$100 PER LEAD to agents willing to pay. Now, consumers don't be alarmed. The sales game in any industry is played this way.

Now, the problem is the quality of the leads is not always easy to determine unless you pay for some leads and test them out. American Marketing Insurance Leads claims that not only will they give you a lead, but they will set the appointment for you. Well, if this sounds haven't heard the whole story.

When I was personally selling annuities, my corporation decided to use their services to see if they would work out well. Not only do did they overcharge us and NOT deliver the number of leads, they LIED to people blatently on the phone to get an appointment for us. We also had an incident where they actually promised the prospect that our agent would bring out a check for them just for meeting. It was embarassment after embarassment. Nonetheless, after experiencing this, we kindly asked for our money back and they promised they would send it and never did. $2,500 down the drain. They continuously lied to us telling us they would send the money but never delivered.

Oh, further proof...They had over 60 Better Business Bureau complaints last I checked. So if you are considering using American Marketing Insurance Leads, save your'll be much better off.

By the way, here is an actual response to our complaints. This is how the Better Business Bureau said American Marketing Insurance Leads handled the complaint:

American Marketing Insu - CMPL NO: 10375610

Regarding the company you filed about
American Marketing Insurance Leads
269 South Beverly Drive, #1020
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Although we have tried to obtain a response to your complaint from the company in the hope of reaching a mutually acceptable resolution, they have ignored our requests. We are, therefore, closing our file.

Your unanswered complaint will become part of the information we report to the public on this company for the next three years. Also, should any government agency request our files on this company, your complaint will be included.

If that isn't proof, I don't know what is. Unanswered complaints are not a way to build a long lasting business. Anyway, this is just my personal experience and I thought you might want to know. Good Luck.

Ignorance is Not Bliss.

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