Monday, March 26, 2007


Well, if this isn't controversial, I don't know what is. Many of you know me very well and some of you reading this don't. I am the author of a report entitled 'Annuities: The Shocking Truths Revealed.' My intention never was to hurt anyone with this report. Nor was it designed as a marketing ploy to attract 'annuity leads.' Nor was it designed for any other reason other than to help consumers make GREAT decisions when buying annuities.

It is not a report that in any way bashes annuities. In fact, it helps people make great annuity decisions. It sheds light on what you need to know to make an informed decision. It sheds light on a particular area that leaves people in the dark. Now, I never thought this would get as controversial as it has lately. Allow me to explain:

I have done business with many insurance companies. In fact, I have written business with several carriers. I believe annuities can be great vehicles if used properly. However, when sold improperly, they can be a consumer's worst nightmare. Since getting in to the pro-consumer side of the equation, I only write business when a client is frustrated enough not to want to work with anyone else. In fact, I don't even call people who purchase the report in hopes of doing business with them (as of the time writing this). My goal is to deliver the best information in the industry to help inform consumers.

Well, this website has caused controversy beyond my imagination. In fact I WAS RECENTLY DENIED AN APPOINTMENT WITH AN INSURANCE COMPANY BECAUSE OF MY WEBSITE. And what's worse, was they denied me while I was actually ENDORSING THEIR ANNUITY WITH A CLIENT. The client read the book and saw that the particular annuity I favored FIT THE CRITERIA of the book.

However, the insurance company saw things differently. They did not like my website. I don't know exactly why but I could only venture to guess. The bottom line is----IT'S CONTROVERSIAL. The website opens consumer's eyes to allow them to look at what nobody will tell them. And as far as the is a must read. It is necessary for anyone getting into an annuity.

I just received a letter from a gentleman who got out of an annuity he got into and lost $145,000 due to surrender charges. I GUARANTEE if he got our book HE WOULDN'T HAVE MADE THAT MISTAKE. Yes, had he read the book and followed it, he would have known not to touch that annuity.

It's controversial but it's damn good. Check out It's worth a look. For those who send me your stories of how the book has helped you, I appreciate it. I hope I can continue to provide information to unsuspecting people to open their eyes.

Ignorance isn't Bliss
Tony Bahu