Tuesday, February 24, 2009

AIG Annuities: What Should I Do?

The AIG bailout is getting worse. A news article on CNN today stated that

"The world's largest insurer is expected to announce yet another bailout iteration next week. But some say its options are limited."

I have been receiving many calls about whether or not to get the money away from AIG. All I know is the following: If I had my money in AIG, I would be bailing my money out of AIG.

Sorry, I know everyone is telling you to hang on, especially your advisor who sold you the AIG annuity. However, are you going to be the last one who tries to get their money out and can't?

SO IMO---Get what you can while you can if it is feasible to do so. Get help from an unbiased advisor instead of relying on my advice but get it now. I am sure I will receive hate mail for this but I do already anyway.

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