Thursday, May 05, 2005

Michael Jackson and Annuities

Okay, this may make some of you mad, but I had to do it. As I was thinking of Michael Jackson, the thought of annuities came to mind. Well, it sounds wierd but give me a sec.

I was thinking how some people get into an annuity and they think it is a great thing. Well, months or years later, they come to find out that on the outside, the annuity looked great, but the deeper they looked in to it, the worse it looked. In other words, looked good on the surface, but didn't look so great on the inside.

Well, that got me thinking about Michael Jackson. At face value, we all loved him. And many of us still do. However, if all of this stuff is true, then the product stinks. Hey, I am not the judge and nor do I presume that he is guilty or innocent. Only a select few will ever know the truth...

With annuities, however, there is a bright side. While on the surface, they may look good, you can actually do your homework and get a very detailed vision of what they entail. You don't have to wait until it's too late...if you take the proper precautionary measures. You can actually KNOW the product before you buy---Not by listening to your agent, but by doing your own homework.

So don't let your annuities fool you. Do the homework BEFORE you invest. Then you may not end up buying the wrong thing. Sorry for the bad analogy, but it was on my mind!

By the way, check out the only Annuity Forum on the Net. It's the link in the title. In other words, just click on the title of this document (Michael Jackson and Annuities) and it will take you there! It's actually quite cool.

For more in depth and detailed information on annuities, click here!!!

Ignorance is Not Bliss


Tony B.

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