Saturday, April 15, 2006

Annuity Reviews

Due to many requests, I am going to begin doing annuity reviews. I will post information about specific annuities and break them down and give you some insight as to how they work. I would like to also give the benefits and pitfalls of each annuity as I do this.

Because the environment is always changing, make sure you check for updates on these annuities. However, there are particular annuities tat seem to be the most popular so I will start with those first.

These will include annuities such as:

Allianz Annuities
Old Mutual Annuities (F&G)
BMA Annuities (RBC Annnuities)
Jefferson Pilot Annuities
American National Annuities
Midland Annuities

And many more.

I will most likely be reviewing mostly equity index and index annuities and probably leave alone variable annuities. This is due to the fact that I am a fan of variables only in very specific circumstances and would rather spend the time reviewing these other annuities.

I will also be one of the moderators in an investment forum and I will keep you posted on that as more details come along.

Remember, Ignorance is NOT BLISS


Tony Bahu

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