Saturday, January 08, 2011

Are Annuities a Good Idea???

Are annuities a good idea for your future? Well, many people often ask this question although it is not a question that is easily answered. The answer of this question really lies in what you are out to accomplish with your investment.

Many investors are looking for the magic bullet...the investment that solves it all. Well, no investment can do this for everyone simultaneously. What's good for someone else may not necessarily be good for you.

Annuities have great features which could prove to be good benefits for you. However, a good feature may be a bad benefit as well. For example, 'tax deferred' may be a great feature for someone looking to accumulate money, however, for someone looking to pass money on to their heirs, this may be a terrible feature. It is simply because it may cause a huge tax time bomb to be created for the heirs. For more on this, please click on annuities tax free to learn more.

All in all, you must learn what the features mean TO YOUR SITUATION. This is the most important thing. Also, you must know that at face value the feature may seem good but underneath it all, there is some sneaky insurance company tactics behind it. The best thing is to be informed. We recommend our resource called, 'Annuities: The Shocking Truths Revealed', which will give you much insight as to what annuities can and cannot do and whether they are right for you. Please feel free to visit by clicking on the title of this entry. Hope that helps!!!!


Tony Bahu

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