Wednesday, January 29, 2014

What Should I Do About My Annuity?

Often times seniors are stuck wondering what they should do about the annuities they are 'trapped' in.  In fact, I spoke to a senior just a couple of weeks ago who had a collection of annuities that her broker kept putting her in to.  He would simply take the 10% withdrawal every year and create a new annuity for his client.  In the client's best interest---me thinks not!!!

Anyway, because of this, she asked me this very question---what should I do about my annuities?  It's very frustrating when you can't trust your agent to do you right.  When I showed her what he was doing, she had a look of disgust in her eyes.  Never mind the fact that she was 80 years old and he kept putting her in new 13 year annuities....

There are times when you just can't do much...but then again, there are times when you can.  It makes sense to seek the help of a true professional to find out.  And more importantly, it pays to get a second and third opinion.

However, the best thing someone can do is to be proactive in their approach.  What I mean is that it is best to do your homework BEFORE getting into something that may not be suitable for you.  But who do you trust?  Well, it may come as no surprise to you that I am going to tell you about Annuities: The Shocking Truths Revealed.  This book is the unbiased and comprehensive about what to look for when buying an annuity.  It points out the pitfalls and dangers, and tells you what to avoid.  It also tells you what you should have in an annuity as well.

Therefore, please visit to get this book.  We are going to soon offer it for free for a limited time.  People have paid $97 for this book and said it was well worth it.  So imagine if you passed this up only to find out 4 years later that you were stuck in a terrible investment vehicle that you couldn't get out of.  Me thinks you shouldn't take that chance!!!!

Good luck with your annuity and please feel free to download this book on annuities.  It may just be the one thing that helps you avoid a very costly mistake.

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