Monday, June 20, 2005

Understanding Equity Index Annuities

Lately, I have been trying to research how people explain the equity index annuity. I have to tell you that most every description I read of it is wrong. People seem to misunderstand this vehicle completely and I don't know why. It is not that confusing, but unfortunately, the equity index annuity gets described wrong constatnly.

I recently wrote information on the equity index annuity. It is probably the most comprehensive and simple explanation of how ti really works. I have only had it as an upgrade to 'The Shocking Truths' book but I feel like I would like to have it as a stand alone.

I am asking for your feedback. IF you think you would appreciate to have this package available as a stand alone product, let us know by sending us a message at If the feedback is good, we will release this package as a stand alone. Again, it explains the EIA in a way nobody really has, and it comes with an audio cd highlighting the important points of the book and of The Shocking Truths book. I will soon let you know how the response is. Until next time...

Ignorance IS Not Bliss.

Tony Bahu

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