Sunday, July 17, 2005

Annuity Information

I received this e-mail today:

"I'm tempted to buy your report, but I would like to know what your credentials and experience are in this area. How detailed is your article and are there any guarantees with refunds?

This e-mail really caused me to want to answer. The reason is because I feel there is a lot of bad information out there on annuities. Here was my response.

I know you have hesitations as everyone does. However, we have been successful at educating consumers across the country and empowering them. What you want to know is that we will not try to sell you an annuity. Our goal is to make sure that you make the right decisions about your future. Furthermore, if you have any questions following the reading the report, you will have full access to our customer service who can answer all of your unanswered questions.

As for my credentials, I was involved in the financial industry for years. I specialized in the annuity arena and got sick of all the stories of how people got screwed by the insurance companies and their agents. My frustration led me to take notes about every aspect that consumers fell victim to causing them agony in their financial lives. Following the gathering of all this information, I put it in a book form and it was intended to be for my own personal use. My friend suggested I put it on the internet and the response has been overwhelming.

The bottom line is, there are only two types of annuity information available on the internet and they are both free. The first kind is all the positive information by the people who sell annuities. The second is all negative written by the media for the hype. Our information is the ONLY non-biased information on the internet and our goal is to EDUCATE and EMPOWER not to sell you an annuity or scare you. We don’t make money selling annuities and that is why we charge for our information. This is how we make our living!

So, it’s your decision. I am confident that we can help you avoid at least one mistake you may have made without our information. I hope I come across sincerely when I say this.

And as far as the guarantee, we had it on for a long time. Unfortunately, people in the industry abused it. We found we were getting returns from only people in the industry. They were curiosity seekers that were trying to take advantage of our information. Our satisfaction rating among non-industry people was almost at 100%. We instituted a customer support feature shortly thereafter and make sure everyone who buys the book gets exactly what they want out of it. That has proven better than any guarantee because we really care that our clients get the right information. We still sell about 30% of our sales to the industry. However, now since they know they can’t return it, we get rave reviews even from the industry. We have even put several industry professional’s testimonials on our page to show that anyone of any experience level can benefit from this information.

As far as details, it goes into all aspects of the annuity that you need to know about to make an educated decision. The list on the website is very comprehensive and we cover all of these areas.

I hope this helps.


Tony Bahu



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